Anisong Line-up Announcements

For most of us, we all know that anime expo is a Hot location to check out during the summer. In case you weren’t aware its Los Angeles biggest convention that has a tradition of having its doors open during July 1 until the 4th it’s packed with fans that love anime and cosplayers that love to produce the charters of anime or even video games. in recent years. ANISONG has been something that has becomes an attraction to fans that love Japanese music. Last year Lineup was very impressive which has the likes of T.M revolution, Flow, Luna Haruna, Jam Project, Eir Aoi and much more this concert was jam-packed with excitement and action that fans look for on a show and especially around 4th of July weekend.

Some didn’t even notice that the idol group dempagumi was doing an exclusive performance, As they arrived at ANIME EXPO. The girls are beyond popular in Japan. I was surprised to know that many people attending the expo did not talk about them as I thought they would. It must of slip through as more of the last min decision of the idol group coming to Los Angeles. When arrived to see them performed, I was shocked to see that there wasn’t even a lot of people to see them only its devoted fans. At the same time, everybody else was at ANISON Matusri Festival. Which is the one reason many fans had a tuff decision on which show to attend? This year ANISONG has announced its line-up, and I must say that for viewers that aren’t so in touch with deeper anime music it might be there the first time to know some of the music artists playing this year compared to last year.
In which I am very curious to see what the outcome will be?. You also have a Dj set from some DJs spinning which again all this is new and in a way it separates everything to your preference

This year line-up comes as follows Aquors, Wake up Girls, Garnidelia, Ali Project, Mashiro Ayano, Minori Chihara

We just have to wait to and see what the reaction is for fans, which are new to this new acts. The majority devoted fans know who they are and are excited and are waiting for this concert to happen but for more info and if you wish to buy tickets